Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its been a long time

Ok Ok I know its been a long time and a lot has been going on, blaa de blaa. Anyway I though that I would add a cupple of pics (Now I have remembered my password)

Mikes new Goshawk, a lovly looking bird, but still "on the line" but hopefuly not for to much longer.

Next we have the Red Tailed Hawk
Again still "on the line". This chap has a bit of damage to his beak from flying into the wire in the previous owners avery.

And then there is Looner the Eagle Owl
At only 25 weeks old and a foot tall and with a wingspan of over 3 feet she is a big girl.

And last for this section is the Long eared owl
Little bird with a big gob.

Well I hope this sustains you for a bit longer, who knows when the next time I get round to posting.

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