Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines Part 1

On Saterday I got the chance to go and photograph old WW1 plains at Stow Maries aerodrome in Essex, with Andy Rouse.

Now I am normaley not one for standing there watching plaines zoom by, but this was going to be a bit different, it was on a privet airfield and we were going to be just feet from the plaines.  There were going to be ww1 reinactors too.

So I here you screeming ok ok enough of the woffel show us the pics... 

 Here we have a bunny ya just a bunny. well the story goes... We were standing around with people with "Bazooka" style lenses all waighting for the breafing and there I am crawling around on the floor.  Lots of odd looks comming my way.  I start "squeeking". Now normally at this point I am trying to work my hold over out.  I start getting some more odd looks and and now start getting the questions 
Big Camera Man "What are you doing"  
McS "Taking Pics" 
BCM "So whats with the noise?" 
McS "Its called squeeking" 
BCM "Whats that"
McS "It is a distress call that gets their atention, gets them to sit still and put their head up"
BCM "How did you know how to do that?"
McS " Oh thats what I normally do before I shoot them, makes for a better head shot." 
There is no point in having all the kit and not being able to get to the shot. Be it with a camera or a rifel, field craft is field craft no matter what you shoot with.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its been a long time

Ok Ok I know its been a long time and a lot has been going on, blaa de blaa. Anyway I though that I would add a cupple of pics (Now I have remembered my password)

Mikes new Goshawk, a lovly looking bird, but still "on the line" but hopefuly not for to much longer.

Next we have the Red Tailed Hawk
Again still "on the line". This chap has a bit of damage to his beak from flying into the wire in the previous owners avery.

And then there is Looner the Eagle Owl
At only 25 weeks old and a foot tall and with a wingspan of over 3 feet she is a big girl.

And last for this section is the Long eared owl
Little bird with a big gob.

Well I hope this sustains you for a bit longer, who knows when the next time I get round to posting.